Greenfields Primary School

Greenfield Primary School

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Mission Statement

At Greenfields, we aim to understand precisely our children’s individual needs and work together to ensure they are met with a range of holistic opportunities that develop the child through every aspect of their learning.

Aims of the school:

  • Children are happy, safe and feel valued at school.
  • The school will seek to raise every child’s self esteem.
  • Every child will have the opportunity to access a broad curriculum.
  • Children are encouraged to be independent thinkers and self motivated learners.
  • We will seek to challenge children’s thinking and to foster enquiring minds.
  • We will stimulate and facilitate creativity and appreciation of human aspirations and achievements.
  • To develop physical skills, healthy mental attitudes and understand the importance of pursuing healthy and safe lifestyles.
  • To work and play collaboratively in support of each other.
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