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Useful Links

Greenfields Primary

  • Welcome to the Greenfields Primary School website.
  • We are proud to be part of the Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust.

Arts and Crafts Zone

Welcome to our Art and Crafts Zone! Here you will find some fun, creative activities. If you need some equipment to complete some of these activities please ask your class teacher if this is possible. We hope you enjoy! 

KS1 Challenge 

 KS2 Challenge

Word-Drawing Challenges

Who is up for a Titanic (or similar word-drawing challenge? Follow these steps and give try your best. 

Super Sketching Zone!

Here you have some Art videos based upon sketching. Just try your best.

Crafty Techniques!

Using some scrap paper, try these clever tricks to create wonderful pieces of art. Sorry about the adverts in this video.

How to Draw Kids!

We love this Youtube channel as simple ideas come to life right before our eyes! Try some of these and show your teacher.

Muffalo Potato 

These fantastic videos were recommended by KS1 children. The children have said it helps them to draw neatly! Give them a go!

Oil Pastels and Paints!

If you have oil pastels and paints try some of these challenges at home. If you have a particular piece of art in mind ask your teacher if you can borrow some equipment.