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Greenfields Primary

  • Welcome to the Greenfields Primary School website.
  • We are proud to be part of the Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust.


At Greenfields, we feel passionate about learning at every level. We aim to create a sense of resilience, independence and resourcefulness in all our pupils. Our children are taught to understand that learning is a lifelong skill; one that makes a difference to their lives now and in the future. Ensuring that our children are active and involved in their learning which enables them to achieve to their highest potential, not only in academic work but also as artists, sportsmen, scientists, writers, decision makers, creative thinkers and responsible citizens.

Alongside the traditional lessons here at Greenfields, we also guide our pupils to learn the skills of critical thinking, reasoning about problems, creating solutions to problems set in real life, confident speaking to others and working collaboratively.  In line with Government recommendations, we deliver lessons in line with the National Curriculum.

We are keen to develop children’s interest in the arts: music, art and design, dance and drama. We have a specialist music teacher who teaches classes weekly and we offer opportunities for individual instrumental tuition during the school day. We are also fortunate to have dance coaches and artists who regularly work alongside the children. We enrich the curriculum further by extending opportunities through visiting performers and school trips to a variety of places.

We value the contributions of parents and work in partnership with them to enrich the curriculum. Parents are informed about the curriculum through curriculum letters, our school website, homework, and are positively encouraged to become involved.