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Greenfields Primary

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  • We are proud to be part of the Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust.

SATs Results Data and teacher assessment

2018 KS2 results

Greenfields National
Reading 93% 75%
Writing (teacher assessed) 88% 78%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  93% 78%
Maths 88% 72%
Reading/Writing/Maths (combined) 78% 64%

For more information on KS2 performance and attainment, click here.

 2018 KS1 results

Greenfields National
Reading 82% 76%
Writing 78% 70%
Maths 80% 76%

All KS1 scores are based on Teacher Assessment along with the National KS1 Tests in Reading, Writing and Maths feeding into the overall teacher assessment. The Y1 Phonics Check of children achieving the standard was 90% which is 7% higher when compared to the national figure of 83%.