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Greenfields Primary

  • Welcome to the Greenfields Primary School website.
  • We are proud to be part of the Severn Bridges Multi-Academy Trust.

Year 1 and 2 Zone

Welcome to the Year 1/2 Pupil Zone! Here you will find fun activities to help you learn and have fun! You have to click the + (add) symbol to see each section. Enjoy and remember, please tell your teacher if you have done any activities at home as I'm sure they will be extremely proud and you could earn some Dojo/House points! 


Create your own timetable using this image (click the link for a printable version!).


Year 1 Maths

year 1 maths 19 03 20.pdf

Year 1 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

year 1 egps 19 03 20.pdf

Year 1 Topic


 Year 1 Phonics

year 1 phonics.pdf

Year 2 Maths

year 2 maths 19 03 20.pdf

Year 2 Grammar, Puncuation and Spelling

year 2 egps 19 03 20.pdf